Portfolio 2017

Hey! I'm Julen Goñi, here's some of my work 

Showreel 2017



Attack of the Bin Chicken (2017)

Julen Goni - Director and Animator, Ray Pilley - Colour and Malcolm Mackellar - Compositing and Sound

Attack of the Bin Chicken was a film made for an AV assignment in first year university to make a film to explore an issue/theme/story as a narrative or genre production or game and position an audience to “read” the production from a designed point of view.

We chose to make a comedy environmentalist film about the local Ibis in Brisbane that get the name 'Bin Chicken' because of their behaviour to eat straight from the bins. The message therefore in this film is to make sure to dispose your rubbish properly to stop the Ibis from infesting the city. The idea was inspired after an Ibis tried to attack me for my burrito.

The assignment was completed in two weeks. It was animated in Photoshop, edited in After Effects and music was royalty-free.


Paperlanche (2017)

Louis Beveridge - 3D Artist, Texture Artist, Shading and Effects, Julen Goni - 2D Animation, 
Liam James - Programming

Paperlanch is a videogame created in the 48 hour game-jam at the Sunshine Coast competition #SUNJAM2017 at Mountain Creek State High School. 

The theme for the event was 'the elephant in the room' so our idea was to make an endless runner game about an officeworker who tries to avoid their 'elephant' ie. their paperwork and has piled up into a paperlanch that they run from. You can run away from your problems for a while, but you can't run forever. 

Living on pizza, no sleep and passion for the game we were luckily able to finish the game within the 48 hours. We were featured on Waypoint Vice by Cameron Kunzelman.

Animation was done in Photoshop.

Download: https://minimaximize.itch.io/paperlanche !


GUEST Program Reel (2016)

The Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies (GUESTS) is a program offered by Griffith University where two students are selected to have the opportunity to attend a course during their final year of highschool studies. I was selected to attend the Principles of Animation course in the Bachelor of Animation which gave me an insight to studying animation and to university life.

I enjoyed the course thoroughly, learning plenty of useful information, getting a jet-start in my career while also maintaining my highschool studies. It was an amazing semester which inspired me to further pursue animation.

This is a compilation video of all of my assignments. Animation was done in ToonBoom Harmony.

A Notable Tree (2015)

This animation was for the Australian Centre of Moving Images (ACMI) Screen it competition that I entered and won the Secondary Animation Prize! The theme for the competition was grwoth.

The story is of a boab tree in Darwin, enduring the test of time, witnessing the changes that take place around it. As it ages, it becomes a monument of nature and a symbol of survival through the history of Darwin.

The Adonsonia gregorii is a bottle-shaped tree endemic to Australia. Some trees can live over one thousand years. Some refer to them as “The Tree of Life”.

Assests were drawn in Photoshop and Illustrator and animated in After Effects.

Character Design

Befriending a LegenD

For a first year assignment we were given a briefing of Befriending a Legend about a girl and a mermaid she discovers. We were tasked to design 3 characters.


For an assignment we were tasked to do a character turn around of a student in the class.


Life Drawing

Life drawing done both individually at home and as the Vice-President of the Hive at the QCA in Griffith University