Initial Ideas

A new semester a new project!


Talking to Lucia, I got recommended the Royal Society of Arts Design Competition with its category of the Moving Image. I love the thrill of competition and the bonus of monetary reward is enticing. Additionally, with the rules of the animation, I get full control over what I make, posting rights and all. The main caveat, however, is the deadline, 21st of March, which is quite close. Production will be quick but I believe if I stagger this project with the Issues of Representation I can get this done.

‘How to Be More Pirate’

How to be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende

How to be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende

Sam Conniff Allende’s speech is about how the new generation of people have realised that the last generation have not set us up well and how the youngin’s are not going to play by the rules of the system. I did a bit of research in the book that the speech is based and the presentations he’s done around this. By ‘pirate’ he is actually referring to real pirates who in his words were a generation of people that felt abandoned and under the control of the elite, thus, decided to do something about it. While on the fringes of society they were demonised by the establishments, he believes, not only for the crime they committed but also the radical and progressive ideas they also harboured. The book is a guide on how the new generation should mirror them and fight against the system that we face.

I have a few issues with the book but I gelled with the main message of fighting for the future and realising that the systems that have been placed before us will do nothing but support the establishments and that if we want to make real change we need to create our own systems.

For this animation, I want to a film that can express to people that need for change, how things will not change passively, that we need to push for that change force and that there are people who are wanting to create that change.

Animation Style

For the animation style I want it to be based on characters so that I can reflect society through them, hoping that everyone can see themselves in the film, and also to express the complex ideas. The voiceover is fast paced, so I want to have simple characters that are easily recognisable and so that action is clear. Simple bright colours that can easily be picked from the background, I’m thinking of using the pink from the book cover that this speech is based off. Using simple/limited animated characters also look more interesting and are great for showing great personality.

I want to avoid putting text up as much as possible, it’ll be a crutch and making people read kind of defeats the point of making an animated film. Plus, the pacing will go to fast for text. If I can make the character express the concept or do it through action its way more effective.

Since the animation is almost like a business-style explainer video, it doesn’t really need complicated backgrounds but maybe something textured to help the simplicity of the characters stand out.


Julen Goni