Writing this sorta mid-way through this assignment.

Time already feels like it’s closing up but I’ve luckily been able to finish my animatic.

I think the pacing o far is good, there’s plenty of action happening and the ending slows down and I think leave a poignant moment at the end which leaves the audience thinking. I had I skipped mostly over the storyboard phase, scribbling on the script with my ideas and moving to the animation. I did this partly for time but also for the sake of feeling out the action. Knowing that the speech is quite fast paced, I felt that I had to go straight into the animatic so I could get a feel for how the motion and action should be paced.

I’ve had to put text into the animation to explain Maslow’s pyramid of needs. It’s not a concept widely known and showing to friends they say it passes fast but is still readable.

I’ve also tried doing an animation test which I think flows well. Found a tutorial on timing charts which are great for getting flowing animation!


Now trying to figure out colours but everything looks a bit plain and boring

Julen Goni