It’s finally posted!!


After 2ish months I’ve finally gotten it done and posted. So! What do I think?

I think I’ve been able to perfect my Adobe animation technique, going from Adobe Animate to do rough animation, Photoshop for clean up and colouring, After Effects for effects and putting things together, and finally Premiere to cut all of the parts into the final film. The system works well, it’s quite versatile, fast, and makes the most of the suite. I chose this way since it’s the way I know the best, trying it out with Ethel Red and thought it would be the fastest for the time I had to complete the project. Animate and After Effects work quite well but my biggest problem was doing the clean-up and colouring in Photoshop. It’s already quite tedious frame by frame work and Photoshop not being very fast (as it is not really designed for animation) made it quite hard. For 2D animation, I’d call this my gold standard, though I want to try doing things in TVPaint. I’m also disappointed I didn’t have the time to try out some of the line-testers or any of the stop motion (I was hoping I’d be able to do it for the globe scene) but I think I wanted to just make sure I had a finished product. In retrospect I think I went too safe in that aspect and wish I was gustier & tried it out anyway. I definitely want to try those in my free time or the next assignment.

I love the style of the animation. I think I was able to nail that limited UPA kind of animation style, which made the characters appealing and look unique even if they weren’t moving. Using the gradient purple made them look pretty and drop shadows that gives a pop-out look. It was just an effect I added in 2 days before handing it that just made all the characters look like cut out characters, giving them a bit of visual depth and another way to stand out.

I made all the characters that same purple colour to reinforce a sense of harmony and cohesiveness, that they are all in it together to fight the systems in place.

The backgrounds I just kept that simple white, I tried adding textures but everything I added just made the animation seem a little grimy and did not make it any more interesting to look at. Giving the effects to the characters I believe was enough to make it look interesting.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the production of this film and am happy with the result. I believe it has completed it’s main goal accompanying the voice over provided by the RSA with a stylised animation that is able to condense the verbal concepts into easy to see using characters that have simple but quirky designs. Although I wish I was a bit more experimental I think it leaves a good note on the current generations hopefully good impact on the world.


Julen Goni