Flipbook Exhibition

Thought I’d make a post about the exhibition.

Was a great night! I was happy to help out with making the website with Adobe Portfolio.

The hardest part of making the website was making people fork over their damn details. It felt like I was going to their house to pull a tooth out hahaha. Anyway, after getting the details, I was able to make a page with the films and one for the artists. The film page had all the films in show each with the title, description, credits and a link to the creator of the movie. The artist page had all of the people involved with the exhibition with all the links to their profiles in case someone wanted to contact them.

I also made double pork carnitas tacos on the night which unfortunately did not sell well but anyone that I had convinced to eat it ordered 3 more times so at least I know my cooking is good hahaha

Julen Goni