Animation Portfolio

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Welcome To Winton

Role: Director, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist, Editor, Lead Animator and Supervisor.

Griffith Film School Bachelor of Animation Final Year Project. An unlikely meeting between a laid-back opal miner, driving back to his home in Winton after hard a day’s work, and a panic-stricken alien as his UFO crash-lands into Earth.


The Future is in Your Hands Now (2019)

Role: Director, Producer, Storyboard Artist, Editor, Art Director, Layout, 2D Animator, and Compositor.

RSA Student Design Competition 2019 Winning Entry

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Ethel Red: Sea of Adventure

Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Storyboard Artist, Editor, Art Director, Layout, 2D Animator and Compositor.

A Beano animation project

10X10 Animation

A collection of silent animation for The Edinburgh College of Art’s 10x10 animation festival.